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Creation Date: 2002-08-22
Making of JF # 195

Tonight's Making Of JF will not be uploaded until tomorrow. The reason is that today my backup computer went down beyond all repair. How did it go? The same as my primary. Am I getting a clue or am I getting paranoid. I'm certainly not getting a clue. I have dismissed my paranoiya as just that. It is not my video card. Trying two different video cards, I got the same result: random reboot. There seems to be something to do with time. The longer I try the better it gets, the opposite of a heat problem. It has been warm in my room. Is it the power? I have a multimeter, but I'm afraid that I might short a fuse or something. Is it power supply, mobo, cpu, or bios? I tried 2 power supplies. It could be the mobo, cpu, but not bios. Bios doesn't reboot. I can't test the cpu. If the mobo is failing, it is working fairly well despite it. Does the cpu have the ability to reboot? ctrl-alt-del. Is it the fscking keyboard?! No. I tried two different keyboards.

You see why I'm acting superstitious. But I dismiss that. There are no spooks in my cpu.

I'm writing this on my front lawn by the bright light of a street lamp. I have a fuzzy green army ban ACK! A frigging POSSUM just came up to me, shit! I shooed it away. I'm not gonna sleep out here with an evil creature like that out here. There's a VW bus parking across the street; his friend is guiding the process of placing it just right. Back and forth they go burning gas at 0.10 gal/hour or so. They stopped. They'll probably sleep there tonight. I love my homeless neighbors. They are happy and mild, smart and beautiful. Talking about neighbors, I've waved by three of them by in less than 30 minutes. All three live in my basement. Hm, cool.

Stalker desu nai. I'm just scientific about stuff my Idea for tonight was dashed right as it started: to plot the course of the moon. At 10:30, it set. However, I might be able to catch the meteor shower advertised on MSN.com. Of course, that streetlight is an obstacle. I can see stars and some faint stars. I'm mainly going to draw, read, and write tonight. I'll tell you how it went when I finish.

Oh, I forgot to list the things I brought: backpack, green army blanket (very old), 12 college ruled pages, my drawing pad (3 pages left), Water, mug, pen, mechanical pencil, Ayn Rand's Fountainhead, lighter, red bvike taillight, dynamo flashlight, keys, The Creator and the Cosmos by Hugh Ross Ph.D., Japanese-English dictionary, Great Teacher Onidzuka #21, my watchy, and my clothed self (t-shirt, pants, underwear (boxers), wool socks, and slippers).

That makes 4 in 45 minutes, what a quality basement we have.

BLOG 2:14 2002-08-13 I wanna go inside. I read a bit, I wrote a bit, I drew a bit, and I ate a bit. I'm done as fried tofu. If I don't pay next mont's rent and I have to sleep outdoors, how will I? I have a sleeping bag, where can sleep??? Maybe a vacant lot in a suburb of Seattle? Maybe I'd make my way to Vancouver, BC, Canada. I hear good things. I know one thing for darn sure, it'd be a very sore not to end my 3 year career as a physics student. Mainly because I had $9,000 cash and I spent it to pay off a loan that my parents used as a huge guilt trip. Between January and now, they've given me ~$5000 to pay for rent that I can't pay. They stopped and the only way I paid last month's rent is to buy groceries with my credit card. Sad, huh? Has anyone worked through school and paid for it while they did? I could have, but I messed up twice. Once with the $9,000 and by blowing off my two jobs. I was so rich that I thought that I didn't need them. I lost one and fell back on the other. which made an illusion like it was falling through just long enough for me to move into my mom's 2 room apartment. Last summer was worse than this summer, but at least I made $4000 instead of losing $$$ that wasn't mine in the first place.

Two words: Starving Artist.
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