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Creation Date: 2002-08-22
Making Of JF 196 2k2 08013
I didn't post yesterday's MOJF for the reason I will explain in this MOJF. Will I post them? Maybe. I got a call at 7:5N AM this morn from a house painter. He explained the details, some gory, some refreshing. I asked if I could be over in 30 minutes. I showered, ate, and dressed. He lived a few blocks south of me. We went to the jobsite: a million-dollar home in Sandpoint. The painting was not done, but close to it. I met Steve, my boss, crew leader. Of course, the crew consisted of the three of us. They taught me the trick of the trade for painting trim: 45 degree angle to the face. I painted 2 windows, a door, 3 more windows, and one gutter. I made a few mistakes, but they were fixed or would be fixxed later. After lunch Steve dropped me off at my house. Althought it seems like it is, Sandpoint is not far from the UW. A mile, maybe. Steve is trying to emulate terrain. He has a GeForce2 and is studying interdisciplinary major of math and CS> It's cool to find people who do the same type of stuff as I do. He has even had an IOTD at flipcode. Anyway, I hope I get the Job. I'll be able to pay rent, food, phone, DSL, tuition, and a new mobo/cpu.
Jay, my wonderful housemate told me why Marxism is destined to fail before it begins. Marxism distrobutes wealth evenly. But that means that rich people must give away money. Poor people will recieve that money and hoard it, be greedy, and will place corrupt officials into the wrong places creating the same problem as capitalism does: wealth misappropriation based on the suffering of real hard workers.
On the topic of where capitalism goes bad. Capitalists won't admit it, but capitalism tattoos "Exploit Me" on the forehead of all people. Some choose not to read that sign, some people's signs are covered by long hair. Some people shave their head to acknowledge to the world that they know that it is there. There is a game called "Business" where the object is to exploit others and not be exploited. Working class people do not play the game, but rater say "yes," when they hear the soothing words: "Let me exploit you and I'll give you everything you want." Want denotes subjective preference. Need, on the other hand, denotes objective requirement. Capitalists are required to manipulate other people's wants to ensure that their wants are met. My analogy about the tattoo is not far off. If you're a creative problemsolver like me, you see the answer: notice the tattoo, replace it with your banner. My fav banner is: "Free your mind and your ass will follow." This will allow you to not be exploited and will force you to find a good way to survive.
A housemate asked if I'm doing my homework. He asked if I go to the U. I said yes, a senior. He said he never went to high school. He went to a school for four years. He owns a BMW, a new one.
What is the lesson to learn? It is that a college education doesn't ensure anything, especially intelligence and money. However, a person might just be able to figure out what the two means to them. Of course, you don't have to spend $4000 to find that out. But you will not find out if you do not ask those questions of yourself and others.
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