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From jvoss@myuw.net Wed Sep 17 01:44:16 2003
From: "Joel R. Voss"
To: cynthiasullivan2003@yahoo.com
Subject: Spam vs Eyman
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 01:44:16 -0700

Dear Ms. Sullivan,

I recently received five advertisements from you. Not only is it spam and ecologically unfriendly, but gave me plenty of reason to not vote for you this September. I will also do my best to warn others who are unfamiliar with your agenda.

Your attack of Tim Eyman was an attack on the voters who elected you. Obviously you have forgotten that all of Tim Eyman's initiatives were passed by the voters. By passing these initiatives, we are speaking very clearly: government control of private resources and ventures is wrong. You see, it falls quite clearly under taxation without representation which is tyranny. You do not think of it this way, but people paying half of their taxes to government to fund a war on innocent people do. People are happy to pay for roads and busses, even a monorail, but they will not stand for unnecessary and unjust taxes which attempt to punish business for their profit.

I was appalled at those things that you claim as victories. "Fighting for Transportation Solutions" claimed without any evidence that as Eyman attacked public transportation, you saved it. If I-695, I-747, and I-776 and really did hurt transportation, how was it possible that your efforts were able to positively effect it? Had those initiatives not reduced funding, the system would continue to this day as bloated as it was. I use the bus system often, and I can easily see room for improvement that the bureaucracy will never allow.

I am further appalled by your attack on the 13 vs 9 issue. First, your assertion that "it shouldn't be a political issue" is completely refuted by the fact that you note how the issue is backed by Tim Eyman and Republicans and opposed by unions and democrats. The fact that republicans have no power in local government makes it quite convenient that you choose for it to be not a political issue, huh? Your association with Norm Maleng associates you with one of the worst civil rights violators in the northwest (a very hard title to earn). I predict that your "bi-partisan commission" will decide against the proposal. I will support the proposal because I am devoted to ensuring the timely exit of every corrupt politician in this area. Count yourself on my list.

I am fairly certain that you have bought my name from Howard Dean. He is fiscal conservative and it would serve you well to at least pretend to agree with him on issues of tyranny vs sensible tax structure if you are going to spam his supporters. Please delete me from your mail list unless you wish to supply your fiercest opponent with evidence against yourself.

Joel R. Voss

To the readers: This is an unusual rant, huh? Tonight, Sullivan (to whom I wrote this letter) lost her position on the county council to Bob Ferguson. I was so completely surprised, my heart jumped for joy when I saw it. One corrupt politician to take off my list. You probably were aghast at the picture for today, but I felt that no weaker words could be used to express my distaste with such a bureaucrat. Note how I am mildly pleased that a democrat is replacing her. A republican would not be so pleased. That is because I am anarchist, and therefore I will not rule and I will not be ruled. Initiative No. 75 passed which is a very positive thing. It goes like this: Cases involving marijuana offenses will be the lowest law-enforcement priority. While it is curious to wonder how this will affect actual people, we can certainly say that it is a step in the right direction. It also (quite directly) gathers support for medical marijuana and a sensible end of the war on drugs.

The topic of the next MoJF will be: tyranny, since I covered it so very lightly tonight. Google it if you don't know why I speak of a word so strong.


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